Reflection 2 - About Time

Live every day like your last - one day you will be right .

For some reason we all think we got time. Wasting is almost like drug addiction, when you know that your life has already started crumbling and you are gradually loosing manageability of it, and you promise yourself that today/this week/month is the last day of using and then you will stop…tomorrow…Everything is ok..yet… Work is fine, yet. But the substance keeps taking away from your young years and youth doesn’t seem endless anymore, and then in fact…you are already not even that young.

The time flies much faster than I expected. I was a fast girl. Things happened for me so quickly. After I got out of high school I wanted to experience everything immediately, like everyday was my last. ‘If you don’t try it, you are never gonna know’ - that’s my credo. I don’t understand really how in just a few short years I lost that ‘out of comfort zone’ capability.

Time is a commodity. I guess I just got hooked on wasting it, using it, selling it and running out of it... It is indeed addictive. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.