About mind

‘ Our Minds can be wonderful, but at the same time they can be our very worst enemy. They give us so much trouble. Sometimes I wish the mind were like a set of dentures, which we could take out and leave on our bedside table overnight. At least we would a break from its tiring and tiresome escapades. We are so at the mercy of our minds that even when we find that the spiritual teachings strike a chord inside us, and move us more than anything we have ever experienced, still we hold back, because of some deep-seated and inexplicable suspicion. Somewhere along the line, though we have to stop mistrusting. We have to let go of the suspicion and doubt, which are supposed to protect us but never work, and only end up hurting us even more than what they are supposed to defend us from.’

Sogyal Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Contemporary Author

Recently I asked myself ‘What if I always gave it 100%?’. It seems to be almost impossible, because I spend way too much time thinking and not doing anything. Sounds absurd, but I feel like I really need to learn how do things without thinking. Just because I want and need to do something and I know it’s right. My head gives me a hard time overanalyzing everything and seeing things in detail.

‘Think before you do’ is what mom taught me. ‘Just do it. Before it’s too late’ that’s what I figured by now.