‘The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.’


I have to say I loved Armory Show this year. Went there two times.

Looking at great art however sometimes makes me anxious. There is just almost too much talent all concentrated in one space and every artist deserves the glory. Greatest reward for an artist is when people buy their work.

I really tried to pick only one favorite piece in the whole show, but only managed to narrow it down to three. There was so many more though… Anyways, check those out, I am putting the names of the galleries where these pieces are at.


Louise Bonnet

Arched Back Veiled Nude,2019

Oil on Linen

Nino Mier Gallery


Oh my. Really. This painting is absolutely captivating. Truly ‘My’ piece. So emotional and intense. Look at its curvaceous shapes, exaggerated proportions… make it so surrealistically feminine, intimate. This creature has so much character, though it’s lacking head and eyes. Its subtle colors create this feeling of mystery, like an illustration for some Dutch fairytale. This one figure opens up full artists’ universe.


Jaume Plensa

Invisible Anna, 2016

Stainless steel

piece 2 .jpg

This sculpture is is quite big (63 x 40.2 x 41.3 in) and it is literally flying in the air. It is so delicate, light . Intellectual piece. These thin steel bars are So ephemeral, weightless. Felt almost like a product of imagination, really ‘invisible’.


Carrol Dunham


Monotype in watercolor and pencil o Lanaquarelle paper

piece 3.jpg

It is easy to recognize his artwork. The composition is phenomenal. Really. Love everything about this piece, that it’s so rough, muscular. So intense. Aggressive but not violent, just right on the edge. Explicit, but not particularly sexual… Very unique matrix of space. Exceptional by remarkable artist.