How do you smuggle daydreams into reality?

My good friend taught me a very useful exercise.

Well, I am a mess. It’s literally impossible to plan anything with me, as I have no plans in life. ‘Write down everything you want’ - she said. ‘If you just write it down, you will see that you do have a plan, it is important to have it in front of you, visually.’

I never though of it that way. But I did what she suggested. I took a pink piece of paper ( because I like pink color) and started writing. So many things came up. I realized I have quite a few goals in life. So I got pretty busy over the last few weeks. Now I wonder: Why? How come I didn’t know I want all those things before?

So…. Here is why:

If you imagine there is nothing. Nothing in between you and your dream/desire/wish? It is just a piece of paper, and you can write down anything you want - no obligation, no need to go and do it right this second. Then there is no fear or belief that you don’t deserve it or you are not good enough( strong/talented/young etc). Once you write it down, it’s all right here, in front of you, and achievable.

Writing it down makes you do it.